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My first self cultivated cherry tomatoes.

These little ones filled my heart with joy.

Luckily, along with my immense love for them, I can also hug them so tight and eat them all 😋💓 ❤️

You see, It's scientifically approved that the love can flow deep into our veins and to not ever changing the taste.

Definitely and forever

Inspired by @igeobody and this time anticipating The Taste Day - Friday.


Calculating how many trees I have planted in my journey here, it's not that much. I wish I did more. But from now on me and you, please let's don't forget to plant at least one tree this year and every year.

Our Mother Earth will be proud of its children, us ♥️🙏🏼❤️ Our children will be too 😀💓

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