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The Story of Smart Ring

Hello my dear friends!

I really appreciate your purchase and I am here to thank you and tell you my story. My wonderful journey began a few decades ago when I decided to embrace and absorb as many techniques and methods as possible for human health and general wellbeing.

Studying, working and exploring life and all its miracles was enriching me every moment. My patients and clients have made me happier every time and my confidence has started to grow as has my inspiration to perform better.

Two years ago, while doing a Pilates and Medicalpilates class with a lady in her fifties, while doing postural re-education, an idea came to my mind. She, while walking on an unstable surface, tended to lower her head. I had a professional duty to continuously remind her to look up and straighten her back. I could only imagine how annoying it can be to hear my voice so many times: “Please look up! Back straight! "

In the midst of the challenge for the right posture an idea came to my mind and I asked her, "Don't you mind if I put a light weight on your head?"

“Yes, sure, you can,” she replied and I simulated a weight on her head by gently pressing her head from top to bottom with my hand. She immediately confirmed to me that she felt much better and she had a spontaneous desire to straighten her back and look up. The next step was to put a few wrist weights over her head. I told her: “Imagine it is a crown. How would you carry it on your head? " She proudly looked up, stretched her head and her posture was perfect. She continued to perform her exercise standing on the unstable floor perfectly for the entire 5 minutes while continuing to walk with a smiling expression. It was a great achievement! I was so much happy too.

"It makes sense," I told her. A light pressure on the head activates the antigravity muscles and the standing movement made it so useful for the muscles that extend the spine and keep the head correctly positioned on the spine and in relation to the shoulders and chest.

Of course, I immediately shared this idea with my family and my closest friends.

I improvised a first tool by creating a fabric tube filled with rice grains inside. I started using it while walking and I felt that my muscles, spinal extensors were engaged and finally performing healthy contraction. It took me some more sessions to strengthen my back and feel effortlessly straight.

My father told me: “It will work for sure! My mother had such a ring 70 years ago while she carried a huge tray with a savory pie on her head for the farm workers and in her other hand she also had held a large clay container for milk. My mother had have a really good posture. "

And I, fascinated by this wonderful scene, filled my heart with pleasure and my mind lit up. I took myself to feel this enormous physical exertion of my ancestors in the midst of green meadows, clear blue skies and warm sun embracing their sweaty bodies.

After two years of continuous research we managed to find an excellent Italian company that produced it. This small tool, once made, has become very versatile and every person who has it in their hands can create many exercise performances for well-being, strengthening, relaxation and for fun.

We have created a wonderful set of exercises for posture, body awareness and relaxation. Good posture is the basis for good health: our vital organs such as lungs, heart and mind acquire the comfortable space for their physiological functions on which our entire physical, mental and emotional being then depends. The circulation of all our fluids is aided and also improves the nutrition of all our cells as a result.

I advise you, dear friends of mine, who put your trust in my product, to initially use this tool only and exclusively in an upright position by walking in front of the mirror starting with 1 minute a day and increasing it by 1 minute every day.

When you are marching try to stretch your spine: stretch your head towards the sky, smile and breathe deeply focusing only on the good plans for your day.

I can't wait to hear from you that this tool is making significant changes to your posture and life.

With love,


Your Movement Is My Passion!

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