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Aggiornamento: 17 giu 2020

Colors are really my big passion. Today my little guests left the swimming pool full of balls, one more beautiful than other.

Thinking of them and how the childhood of many of them is joyful and of many of them very much painful.

While immersed in my deep feelings,

looking at these spontaneous floating roads I was thinking:

also our lifes are like these colorful balls and the floating roads are infinite.

Yes!! Floating.

We are here to float, to elevate ourselves each and every time. We are here to stand focusing on all infinite possibilities to live better in ourselves and with ourselves and with others.

We are here to hear

positive words.

We are here to protect and help our children, children of the world, the God's creatures of the future.

We are here to not mindfulness ourselves, we are here to exercise heartfulness, we are here to heartfulness ourselves.

It's easy, doesn't cost too much, exctually costs zero.

What you need is just the heart.

If You have a heart and exercise heartfulness, the heart will blow up of love, will enrich your mind and boost your amazing new floating roads.

I'm practicing Geobody Sense Fitness and following @igeobody since 12 years and I can say that not only my sensory system improved, but also all my being.

So, from exercising senses I achieved holistic benefits and became even more creative.

You see, I arrived to the Heartfulness - the priceless achievement. It feels so good.

You can do it too.


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