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A lots of Love, Joy and Freedom!

Spring and its flowers have arrived and they are more beautiful than ever in our eyes. They look like real and more precious jewels. We waited for them and they arrived and they filled our hearts with joy and hope that soon we can all find ourselves live and dance, jump and sing and even do gymnastics maybe 

It looks like it was millennia ago but it was only three years ago. Our teacher, Morten Dithmer, Franklin Method Director Asia and Australia, taught us to move with joy and freedom, brought us closer to the anatomy and biomechanics of the body and the importance of confidence.

I wanted to remind us of all this: love, joy and freedom.

Let us nourish ourselves with light and project love towards our next moments and next steps.

Life is beautiful because you are there in.

Happy Easter! Happy Life! Have a Joy in the heart!

With passion,


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