United Hearts

This place is my refuge of monologues that I would like to share with you. The monologues that are sometimes silent and sometimes noisy. These are the LIVE  little stories  about health, about healthy and unhealthy habits, about thoughts on life and world, about poetry of faith.



United Hearts provides members with interesting and useful information.

Online lessons for relaxation,  breathing and body awareness are starting this month. Check my calendar and be my guest. Looking forward to see you in a free consultation and on online class. 

Your wellbeing is my passion. 

Love seeing you in harmony and joy. 

Yours sincerely, 

Mirjana M. Ilic


Revolutionary Surface


Hearts United for a good cause and we are here practicing and sharing the good tool. Fitness and Prevention are keeping our heart beat on optimal level and our mind light. They contain the disciplines which provide so much challenge and joy. 
Juvo Board is one of them - challenging, useful and bring joy too. 
I'm happy for bringing my closest friend and family with me to become the first European Certified Juvo Board Teachers.

Plant Based Nutrition


With love and joy I invite you all to coltivate and consume more plants than animal based food. 
Our health will significantly improve on physiological and emotional level.

Let's Plant Plants and Trees - Lets Save the Earth

March 17th 2021

Our Mother Earth is so much in pain. All her beloved ones are disappearing and suffering now more than ever.

She needs our help now.  

We have the power in our hands - we can plant the trees and plants and they will rebuild the needed ecosystem and we all together with Our Mother Earth will restart breathing and living again. 


Thank you for standing by. 

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